Dear @MakepeaceBros, I want to thank you for the sunshine you bring to the darkest of days. I will keep wishing to see you on tour but for now, this video will keep me wanting. Again, thank you.


Thank You
Makepeace Brothers
Slow Down Feel Love

To the sunlight in the morning
To the clouds of cool sweet rain
To the woman who birthed me
Through tears of laughter and of pain
To everyone who gave me love…

To the teacher who inspires
To the ones who make us think
To the people with the courage
To face their fears and never blink
To everyone who dares to dream…

I want to thank you

To the child full of wonder
To the poet from his grave
To grandmothers and their wisdom
To the hopeful and the brave

To the brakeman on the railroad
To the farmer in his fields
To the waitress in the diner
Struggling just to pay her bills
To all those who work for peace…

I want to thank you

To the pilot on the river
To the boatman in the flood
To all those who feed the hungry
To the ones who give their blood

To the ones who marched in Selma
To the ones who braved the storms
To the father rockin’ gently
With a baby in his arms
To all those who speak the truth…

I want to thank you

To the painters of loud colors
To the singers of bold songs
To the dancers without tethers
To the ones who right the wrongs

To the doctors without boarders
To the nurses in the wards
To all I owe my health to
To you I play these chords
And to you I pledge my heart…

I want to thank you

To all those I failed to mention
Those in sickness and in strife
To six billion yearning faces
To you I pledge my life…

I want to thank you